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Oops, I Made a Mistake

When I hear the word “mistake” this song from childhood immediately comes to mind…do any of you remember this?

Now that I’m an adult and can reflect on my personality it’s no surprise that this song had been etched into my memory.  I really hate making mistakes and tend to beat myself up when I make them.  It’s not that I have a huge ego, I just feel good when I do a good job; and bad when I don’t.  As a former manager of mine used to say “Excellence is in the details.”  That stuck with me too and it’s how I like to go about doing things.

As many of you know I started making soap back in 2008 and officially launched Bubs and Scrubs as a business in 2010.  Throughout the years I’ve tried out lots of different products, fragrances, names, etc.  I’ve come to the realization that I just can’t do it all and that I made a mistake by doing too much so soon.   Well, at least I can’t do it all WELL (and without losing my joy), and that’s the key.  I really want to grow Bubs and Scrubs and it’s hard to do that as a (currently) one-woman show while maintaining 16+ different products – so I’m scaling back and going back to the basics.

The original concept behind Bubs and Scrubs was bubbly scrubby soaps that would help maintain healthy skin through regular exfoliation.  One of my first experimental batches, when I was still learning soapmaking, was a scrubby soap that made my skin feel soft, smooth and amazing – better than ever before.   Here it is below.  I made this one with crushed walnut shells and over-loaded it so it was kind of like washing with cement (not exactly what I was going for , but part of the learning process).

Smooth Bumpy Skin with Exfoiating Soap

Messy Side of My Almond and Coconut Oil Soap

I wanted to share the benefits of exfoliating soap with the world hence the catchy name – Bubs and Scrubs.  The name actually came to me in the shower one evening.  But… as I began to build my business I got distracted with all kinds of shiny objects like new fragrances, making shampoo, making liquid soap, making dog spray, you name it.  I really wanted to do it all (and one day I will) but not just yet.

So, with that in mind, I’m discontinuing most of my soaps and skin creams.

I’m going to offer four of my most popular varieties as skin care sets that include one smooth soap bar and one scrubby exfoliating bar.  That way, I can scale up much easier with fewer products to maintain.  I’m also going to offer these on a subscription basis so you can get these shipped to your door monthly, every other month or whatever frequency works best for you. Regarding the coconut oil skin creams, I’ve been reformulating them into all around beauty creams (with multiple uses for skin and hair) and will maintain Humility (coconut milk) and Let It Flow (lavender).

HOWEVER, I will offer limited editions scents (most likely monthly) which will keep things fresh, new and fun (for me and you 🙂 ).  So, you can still look forward to awesome seasonal scents throughout the year, I just won’t stock these year-round.  I’ll make these available as sets too with smooth and scrubby soap bars.  You know what’s really cool about the soap duo – after the first use – once they’re all wet – you can stick them together so they fuse as one bar.  So, one side is smooth and one side is scrubby – I use both sides each time I bathe.  Some body parts get the smooth, while others get the scrubby; nuff said.

I hope no one finds this overly disappointing but I had to do a reality check.  Maintaining too many items has become overwhelming and sometimes you have to go backwards before you can move forward again.

Quote About Making Mistakes

Honestly, I’m really excited about where I’m going with this and am not sure why I strayed from the original concept.  I really love what I do and I want it to be sustainable, good for the skin (not just froo froo fragrances) and a blessing to all of my customers.  I’ve learned much along the way and I’m looking forward to the next evolution of Bubs!

Hugs & Blessings!

Brenda Foster

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