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New Kraft Paper Packaging

Does anything really say handmade or eco-friendly better than kraft paper packaging?  I think not.  I love, love, love kraft paper for pretty much anything.  There’s something about the neutral tones visible fibers and the earthiness of kraft.  I’ve been reworking my soap labels for actually months now.  I kid you not, it really has taken me months as I experimented with lots and lots of iterations.  I was getting really frustrated at times but kept at it and I think I’ve landed on something I can stick with (famous last words.)  Anyway – there were a number of elements I wanted to incorporate into my updated packaging:

  • kraft paper since I love it so
  • white ink – ’cause what’s even better than kraft paper?  white ink on kraft paper!!!
  • handstamp
  • scripture and inspiring words
  • a little watercolor
  • some nice typography
  • each piece should feel like a gift; not a grocery store item
  • the soap needed to peak through some how

I wasn’t able incorporate everything but feel like I hit most of my design requirements.  Here’s my most recent mock-up below.  ( BTW, for the time being my photos aren’t gonna be the best, I dropped my camera so have to use my iPhone.  When I get the money I’m gonna buy a really nice DSLR but this will have to do for now. )

kraft paper packaging

new kraft paper packaging for our soap bars

Now that the design is for the most part good to go – I can order the supplies I need and produce these in bulk.   I hope you like it and please use this as a little encouragement to keep going when you get stuck.  Getting stuck is normal, what will set you apart is not staying stuck.   Now, to move onto the next thing!

Hugs and Blessings!

Brenda Foster


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